10 Summer Tips for Hair

10 Summer Tips for Hair

 by: Carolina Yasukawa

Although we love summer and we can’t wait to get outside, you still have to protect your hair. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy and shiny.



1. Braid It Up

Braids are a great way to add a style to the hair and still put it up. Avoid braiding the hair when its wet. The tension of a braid will cause tension and breakage. Lightly blow dry and add a loose braid. Mist with some hairspray…. summer time here we come!


2. Rise and Shine

If you are planning on swimming in the hot summer weather base your hair with shine. Ever wonder why blonde hair turns green when you get in the pool, chlorine is blue. Yellow and Blue make green. Not only will you have to be cautious for a color change you will have to be careful for damage. Most shines come in liquid form and are heavier. Your hair is porous so it absorbs the product. If you fill your hair with shine it will have not room to fill with chlorine.


3. Leave it In

Going to the beach and jumping in the salty water is so refreshing on a hot day. If you find yourself going to the beach this summer , bring a bottle of leave in conditioner. Wet your hair down before you go in then spray more in after. This will protect your hair from the drying of the salt water. You can use the same technique when going to the lake too. Lake water is still and sometime polluted. This technique will keep your hair from getting damaged with the pollution.


4. Say No to Lemons

The old myth of lemon juice to lighten the hair is quite damaging. The acidity of the citrus fruit will dry the hair and make it hard to brush. Instead play in the sun for longer. When you are in the hot weather your hair naturally lightens. The heat the sun and the air opens the cuticle and fades color. That’s why you have to sit under a dryer at the salon if you get a conditioning treatment or want to lighten your hair. Heat opens the cuticle and allows the color or treatment to seep into the hair.


5. Wear a Hat

If you are concerned about color adage in the summer time try wearing a hat. The hat will shade your head keeping you cool and your color rich.


6. Just Condition

During summer, most of the activities outdoors will dry your hair out. Daily shampooing does the same. If you are someone who needs to wash your hair everyday, try washing with conditioner. Not only will it moisturize your hair but it will loosen the dirt in your hair. Not washing everyday keeps your scalp, skin and hair full of shine and moisture.


7. Get a Trim

Most people want to grow their hair out. I am guilty of that too. But at some point you need to choose between long and pretty. If you want both trim those dry summer ends off. Your hair will look shiner and your hair will grow faster. When you don’t cut your hair for long amounts of time your split ends continue to split up the hair, make your hair shorter and scraggly. Tell your stylist to DUST your hair dry so only the bare minimum comes off. Regular haircuts or DUSTINGS should be no longer then every 3 months.


8. Add Some Depth

Ombre is still a very popular color technique. This technique is low maintenance and trendy. Adding depth at the roots makes hair look thicker and gives life to the skin. Too much lightness washes your skin out. The days of classic highlighting are over.


9. It all Chalked Up

Chalking is a great way to add cool colors to the hair with out the commitment. Your hair first needs to be lighter than the shade your putting in. Most product companies have hair chalk that sell from $7 to $20 a shade. If your on a budget you can also go to your local art store and get oil pastels. A whole box for $7-10. To do the technique first get some gloves…… this is a messy job. Then literally draw the color into the hair. Style as desired.


10. What’s a Blow Dryer?

Blow drying your hair in the summer is like eating a snow cone is a blizzard. The heat and humidity of the summer air will act as a blow dryer. If you have curly hair and you hate your hair air dried use conditioner as your styling product… that’s right.. straight from the shower. DO NOT SCRUNCH. We did scrunching in the 80’s so look like lions. If you ever notice your hair looks crazy after a scrunching job is because your making it frizzy. The more you touch curly hair the frizzier it gets. Lightly shake the hair out and DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!  It should dry into a nice curl or wave.



Eat. Laugh. Play. And always take care of your hair. Its your greatest accessory .


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