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Girl, Amazing! is a website dedicated to providing positive depictions, inspiring articles, and fitting behaviors amongst young girls and women. GIRLS represent more than the demeaning, negative stereotypes that are given to us at times. WE are intelligent, pioneering, resilient, fearless, fun, and loving. WE have different ideas, personalities, goals, and ambitions. WE come in various shapes and sizes and from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds.

Girl, Amazing! is YOUR platform to showcase these characteristics. No matter what you’ve been through or your chosen path in life, Girl, Amazing! is a place for all young girls and women to come together, form constructive relationships, educate and encourage one another.
Girl, Amazing! is the interactive tool that YOU control by remaining active with one another and letting us know what helpful issues are important to you.

Let’s come TOGETHER and show everyone that WE are supportive, strong, progressive young ladies and women nationwide.Contact the Girl Amazing Team by Email: GIRLAMAZINGCOM1@GMAIL.COM if you are interested in blogging, showcasing a talent, need a mentor, etc. We are always here to help!!

Want to nominate an amazing lady of the week or month? Show her some love! Got a talent? Show it! Have a story to share? Tell us! Need advice on college, makeup, music, assignments, roommates, health, etc.? We are here to help! Want to chat about articles and other things of interest? Jump right in! Want to volunteer for important causes as a group? Let’s do it!

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