What Is Love?

By: Shelby Christianna

What is Love?

What is love?
Some say love is beautiful.
Some say it is the most wonderful thing to be in.
The bible says that love is patient and it is kind, that it does not boast.
What is love?
Is it painful?
Does it hurt?
Is it supposed to make you feel so low that you can’t stand to be around?
What is love?
It is amazing.
It does no wrong or evil.
The bible says love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth.
Love is the best thing that could happen to someone.

List of College Supplies You May Not Think About Until You Need Them!

By: Shelby Nalley 

This is just a list of suggested items I discovered that helped make life easier. I collaborated with 3 college juniors who have also added some items. You don’t have to get everything at once, buy a few things at a time. Get some relatives to donate some items, too! I have added a couple of books. Remember those? You may be able to get everything from the Internet, but these books will be extremely helpful for writing. You will do constantly and especially during mid-term and at the end of each semester. Don’t kick this list, you WILL need these items. If anyone can think of anything else, please feel free to share.



– Backpack (books are too heavy to be trying to be cute!) Keep a small umbrella in there so your ‘do will stay fresh!)

– Laptop or small notebook

– 3-hole punch

– Small stapler and staples (to keep in your backpack to staple all those pesky paper you’re going to write)

– Printer/Paper-(so you won’t have to be in the library late at night)

– Post-its (small ones to write notes on)

– Paper clips (sm and lg)

– Pencils/pens (blue or black-college professors don’t do colors) Use color for your lecture notes if you want, but NEVER turn in work in colored pen to your instructor unless they tell you it’s ok…most won’t.

– Pencil Pouch (I know you’re going, “Really?” Yeah, really. You might think it’s nerdy, but if you keep it in your backpack, along with your little stapler set, you’ll always have a pen!

– Dictionary/antonyms/synonyms/thesaurus (so you don’t have to use up your data on your phone. Don’t get the little cheap ones; they won’t have all the words. This will also help when you write papers and so you won’t use the same words and sentence structures; they take off for that!)

– Little, Brown Handbook (has all the information you will need to write ant kind of paper, how to use punctuation, examples of research papers in MLA and APA-styled writing) Use Purdue Owl and Son of Citation for citing instructions as well.

– Planner-to keep up with assignments Really helpful to keep you organized)

– Index cards (to help organize the oral presentations you’ll have to give)

– Binders with pockets for each class to keep notes and handouts organized


Dorm Survival:

– A trunk with a padlock or key (to keep extra money or anything you don’t want your roommate or their friends to “borrow”)

– Shower caddy and shower shoes (so you won’t get athlete’s feet)

– House shoes and plenty of crew socks or footies

– Shower gel rather than soap/face towels/bath towels

– Extension cords/wall sockets with extra plugs/power strip (at Lowe’s or – – – Home Depot they have some with pictures of the items you’ll be using it for to make sure you get the correct voltage so you won’t blow a fuse)

– Small fridge/microwave (if you can have them)

– Aluminum foil/cases of water (save your money for as long as you can)

– Use paper plates/plastic ware/paper cups/bowls or you can get a couple of microwave dishes.

– Cereal and milk and soup for hard times (and not too many pkgs. of Ramen Noodles)

– Full-length mirror to attach behind a door

– Iron and a small, portable ironing board (or a mattress pad with no designs or they will also appear in your clothes)

– 4 Bed risers (Bed, Bath, and Beyond-to raise your bed for more storage space)

– Bottles of Clorox Clean-Up/rubber cleaning gloves (like Dexter’s mom)

– Bag of Rags for miscellaneous uses

– Lg. bottle hand sanitizer/can of deodorizer for bathroom use (be considerate) Lysol spray or something!

– Toilet paper/paper towels/Kleenex

– Cold/Allergy meds/immodium liquid (diarrhea and upset stomach after too much partying or bad food)

– Gas X (for gas so your roommate won’t kill you or you kill them!)

– Tylenol/Motrin/Aleve (for headaches or cramps)

– Cotton balls/Q-tips/Bottle of alcohol (white) for cuts and scrapes**NOT TO DRINK!!**

– First-Aid Kit (get extra band-aids)

– Laundry bags (or large garbage bags)

– Garbage bags/waste basket (medium-sized)

– Clothes hangers

– Bag of change for washer and dryer/washing detergent/dryer sheets/2 clothes hampers (dirty and clean clothes)

– Don’t bring clothes you have to wash by hand!

– 1 or 2 really dressy outfits for job interviews or serious occasions (you know you’ll have your party clothes! Not the same thing…You can’t swag going to an interview!)

– Resume and cover letter (on jump drive) Always format your cover letter and resume to the job you are applying for. Always. 

10 Summer Tips for Hair

10 Summer Tips for Hair

 by: Carolina Yasukawa

Although we love summer and we can’t wait to get outside, you still have to protect your hair. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy and shiny.



1. Braid It Up

Braids are a great way to add a style to the hair and still put it up. Avoid braiding the hair when its wet. The tension of a braid will cause tension and breakage. Lightly blow dry and add a loose braid. Mist with some hairspray…. summer time here we come!


2. Rise and Shine

If you are planning on swimming in the hot summer weather base your hair with shine. Ever wonder why blonde hair turns green when you get in the pool, chlorine is blue. Yellow and Blue make green. Not only will you have to be cautious for a color change you will have to be careful for damage. Most shines come in liquid form and are heavier. Your hair is porous so it absorbs the product. If you fill your hair with shine it will have not room to fill with chlorine.


3. Leave it In

Going to the beach and jumping in the salty water is so refreshing on a hot day. If you find yourself going to the beach this summer , bring a bottle of leave in conditioner. Wet your hair down before you go in then spray more in after. This will protect your hair from the drying of the salt water. You can use the same technique when going to the lake too. Lake water is still and sometime polluted. This technique will keep your hair from getting damaged with the pollution.


4. Say No to Lemons

The old myth of lemon juice to lighten the hair is quite damaging. The acidity of the citrus fruit will dry the hair and make it hard to brush. Instead play in the sun for longer. When you are in the hot weather your hair naturally lightens. The heat the sun and the air opens the cuticle and fades color. That’s why you have to sit under a dryer at the salon if you get a conditioning treatment or want to lighten your hair. Heat opens the cuticle and allows the color or treatment to seep into the hair.


5. Wear a Hat

If you are concerned about color adage in the summer time try wearing a hat. The hat will shade your head keeping you cool and your color rich.


6. Just Condition

During summer, most of the activities outdoors will dry your hair out. Daily shampooing does the same. If you are someone who needs to wash your hair everyday, try washing with conditioner. Not only will it moisturize your hair but it will loosen the dirt in your hair. Not washing everyday keeps your scalp, skin and hair full of shine and moisture.


7. Get a Trim

Most people want to grow their hair out. I am guilty of that too. But at some point you need to choose between long and pretty. If you want both trim those dry summer ends off. Your hair will look shiner and your hair will grow faster. When you don’t cut your hair for long amounts of time your split ends continue to split up the hair, make your hair shorter and scraggly. Tell your stylist to DUST your hair dry so only the bare minimum comes off. Regular haircuts or DUSTINGS should be no longer then every 3 months.


8. Add Some Depth

Ombre is still a very popular color technique. This technique is low maintenance and trendy. Adding depth at the roots makes hair look thicker and gives life to the skin. Too much lightness washes your skin out. The days of classic highlighting are over.


9. It all Chalked Up

Chalking is a great way to add cool colors to the hair with out the commitment. Your hair first needs to be lighter than the shade your putting in. Most product companies have hair chalk that sell from $7 to $20 a shade. If your on a budget you can also go to your local art store and get oil pastels. A whole box for $7-10. To do the technique first get some gloves…… this is a messy job. Then literally draw the color into the hair. Style as desired.


10. What’s a Blow Dryer?

Blow drying your hair in the summer is like eating a snow cone is a blizzard. The heat and humidity of the summer air will act as a blow dryer. If you have curly hair and you hate your hair air dried use conditioner as your styling product… that’s right.. straight from the shower. DO NOT SCRUNCH. We did scrunching in the 80’s so look like lions. If you ever notice your hair looks crazy after a scrunching job is because your making it frizzy. The more you touch curly hair the frizzier it gets. Lightly shake the hair out and DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!  It should dry into a nice curl or wave.



Eat. Laugh. Play. And always take care of your hair. Its your greatest accessory .


The Undeniable Truth About “Bullycide”

The Undeniable Truth about “Bullycide”

by: Olivia Clayton


As teenagers grow up, they experience changes like weight, hormonal imbalance, voice pitch, acne and more. With these types of changes, insecurities may grow but just think of the added stress caused if a bully points out these changes. Many parents still consider bullying as a harmless part of growing up. True enough, people may not like how you dress, who you like, or even where you are from but bullying does not have to be a part of the maturing process. Awareness and prevention has become more effective as the world becomes more aware of the consequences of bullying.

Before the World Wide Web, texting and Facebook, bullying was only a student spreading rumors, name-calling, stealing lunch money, or just picking fights. Sadly, all those things continue to happen but now technology has aided the way a bully emotionally abuses their victims. Now the term “cyber bullying”, one of the more common types of bully, refers to teens being bullied via social media websites like Facebook or Twitter by the posting of photos or rumors that can be seen by anyone who has access to a computer.


The ways to bully someone may have changed but the signs of a bullied teen still correlate to signs of depression or withdrawal. Signs of a bullied or troubled teen can be emotional or physical coupled with behavioral changes. Emotional signs are most common with sudden feelings of hopelessness or decreased self-esteem. Some troubled teens use these signs as a last cry for help from anyone who cares by talking about death or express how much better things would be without them. Physical signs are easier to detect first because they are visible. Signs like unexplained bruises or changes in eating patterns. Behavioral changes will always confirm whether a child is considering suicide or becoming depressed. As a child slips into a state of depression they may show lack of interest in favorite activities, avoid any social situation, or begin to act out with drugs or alcohol (stopbullying.gov). The victims of bullying need help but so do the bullies victimizing them. There are several ways to determine whether your child has become a bully: an increase in aggressiveness, worry of reputation and popularity, and unwillingness to accept responsibility for their own actions (stopbullying.gov). Awareness of your child’s behavior and emotional state is the first step in preventing “bullycide”.


No matter what age, one can help prevent bullying. Students who witness bullying and do not report it are just as guilty as the bullies. The best thing is not to engage into the bullying because giving the bully an audience will give them the false sense that what they are doing is right. As an individual it is your decision to set a good example or befriend the victim showing them that someone cares and notices. As a teacher, one is should be available to the student if they are having troubles because open communication can save a student from “bullycide”. With a sense that an adult is willing to help, a victim may come sooner rather than later to report bullying. This also gives peers who may not be victims the option to alert a teacher if something is happened to another student. Parents, just as teachers, should have an open line of communication with their teens. Providing confidence that the bullying is not their fault will reassure a teen that the problem is not with them but with the bully. If the bullying is occurring at school, a parent should contact the administrators to let them know to keep an eye on their student and the bully. As peers, teachers and parents we have the power to save a victim of bullying as well as their bully if we are aware and proactive with bully prevention.


With the media displaying how commonly bullying affects teens, awareness increases. Watching for the signs and openly communicating with teens about the changes that will begin to occur will help. Providing teens with the confidence that they weight change, hormonal urges or acne are all normal stages of growing up, you take away the power of the bully. If they are also aware that there are programs and help for them, the statistics of “bullycide” will begin to fall. “Bullycide” has begun to make its mark on the world but with the prevention programs and treatments set forth we can make it history.

Help End Cyber Bullying!!

Cyber Bullying1

I hate you!                     You’re ugly!                I’m gonna hurt you!

Have you been a victim of cyber bullying? Are you guilty of hurting someone in this way? Well together, it is time to help end cyber bullying. Some of the more extreme cases of cyber bullying have caused young people to harm themselves to avoid harassment. Others suffer daily from embarrassment and fear from cowardly acts. IT IS NOT OK! CYBER BULLYING IS NEVER OK!  Here are some tips to avoid cyber bullies and help eliminate its effects:

(1)     If you stand by and watch as one person bullies another, you are just as guilty. SAY SOMETHING!!! Tell the person it’s wrong. Tell an adult. Let the person that’s being bullied know that you’re there to talk if necessary. Take action.

(2)     The old saying, “If you cannot say something nice, then don’t say anything at all” holds true. Think about the words you speak or type before you deliver them to avoid being hurtful. Put yourself in the person’s situation. Would you want someone saying anything hurtful to you (no matter how funny it seems)? Keep it positive or keep it moving!

(3)     Avoid sharing so much personal information. The more information a negative person knows about you, the better able they are to continue to follow and harass you. Only those close to you should know certain information.

(4)     IGNORE THEM!!! BLOCK THEM! Bullies need a target. Without a target, a bully’s actions do not matter. It may not seem like it in the beginning, but in time, they will go away.

(5)     Remember that cyber bullying includes activities online, text messaging, and any other methods of mass communication. In any of these areas, only communicate with those that you trust and remember to JUST BE NICE!

Lil Divas’ Young Sparkle

Girl, Amazing would like to show love and support to Young Sparkle of the group Lil Divas.  Young Sparkle has only been rapping for a year but is taking all necessary steps to perfect her craft, focus on school, and develop into an amazing young lady.  Girl, Amazing caught up with Young Sparkle to find out a little more about her….

Girl, Amazing: Why did you start rapping?

Young Sparkle: I always loved music, I would always dance or sing along to a song. I started making my own remixes to songs, and would rap/sing them with my friends. I finally decided I wanted to record my songs, after I recorded my first song, rapping became a part of me.

Girl, Amazing: What are your future goals?

Young Sparkle: My future goals are to graduate high school and go to college. I also hope to get signed by a record label, and continue my rapping career.

Girl, Amazing: What other activities are you involved in?

Young Sparkle: I also dance. I am currently enrolled at Sherrie’s dance studio, where we did live shows for a week straight.

Girl, Amazing: What do you think makes you an Amazing Girl?

Young Sparkle: I’m an amazing girl because not only do I like rapping and dancing, but also I’m a kind and caring person.


Please join us in showing this young lady some love. @YoungSparkle3

Young Sparkle’s Spending Problem(Remix)


Royal Jewelz


Who Am I?

My name is Deraj Pugh. I am 19 years old, and was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. As a psychology major, Business Administration minor, I attended Howard University in Washington, DC for my freshman year beginning in the fall of 2011 until part of my sophomore year in October 2012. Unfortunately, due to my mother’s death in July of 2012 and obligations I had to attend to, I returned back to my hometown, and decided to take a break from college with the intent to return this upcoming fall. However, I decided this past May that things would work better for me if I continued my education in Philly. I am returning to college in the spring of 2014. Schools on my list include Temple University, Drexel University, and, UPenn; I will be pursuing my bachelors in either Linguistics or Business.

What is Royal Jewelz? What is Kitsy Lane?
Royal Jewelz is my customized, online jewelry boutique that features jewelry which I pick from a selection of over 400 items. Kitsy Lane (KL) is, in essence, the middle man between myself and my customers. KL provides the site platform, jewelry from on-trend and up-and-coming designers, pays the commissions, and handles all orders and shipping. The following quote further explains KL’s mission and the process of owning a boutique through them. “Kitsy Lane empowers Boutique Owners to run their own online jewelry and accessories boutique on their own time – and make money while they’re at it. [They] get to customize their own online storefront, choose the pieces they want to sell, give personal shopping advice, and promote fabulous finds across their social networks… And anyone can do it. There’s no starter kit to buy, no website to build, no inventory to manage, and no trunk shows to host. And we’re thrilled to offer it completely free.”

Why I started my boutique:
In addition to my mom teaching and raising me to be an independent young woman, I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and run my own business/company. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life day in and day out being told what to do and having to report to a manager/supervisor. No offense to anyone who does; that is just not the life I plan to live. I’d rather measure my success based on my terms and live up to my own expectations.

My advice to young women:
To keep it short and simple, as one of my favorite YouTube stars, ShamelessMaya would say, “Be Shameless!” and “DO YOU, BOO!” As long as it is positive and productive, apply these sayings to your life however they resonate within YOUR heart and mind. We all have setbacks and obstacles in life that may force us to seek help from others, but never make depending on another person for everything a part of who you are! At the same time, empowering and supporting each other more is something we all need to work on.

Elsa Earrings

Elsa Earrings


Madonna Bracelet

Madonna Bracelet


Flo Gold Ring

Flo Gold Ring


Contact Information:
Instagram: RoyalJewelz or #royaljewelz
Online Boutique: www.royaljewelz.kitsylane.com



Amazing Girl Fashion

If you would like to be featured here. Send us a full body picture (no nude or offensive pictures, no gang signs). You must describe everything you are wearing (top, bottom, shoes, and if you have them accessories) email: girlamazingcom1@gmail.com ( Only 3 go up per week don’t panic if you dont see your photo up there this week just keep coming back each week.