By:Olivia C

Dancing makes me feel AMAZING! The following is information on a few dance groups that have greatly influenced me as a young lady.

Out Loud Artistry (OLA) is a performing arts training program designed for ages 5 & up. OLA is a performance group with summer and after-school programs. Their primary areas of focus include: dance, drama, voice, live instrumentation, and mentorship. Their program uses different approaches to performing arts education, including discipline-based arts, cultural literacy, interaction with others, professionalism, arts and obtaining & processing knowledge.Dance1


 SubCulture Royalty Culture Studios is a professional development Dance company is Memphis’ undeniable commercial dance training grounds. They have succeeded with many different dancers traveling and performing with different r&b artist. They also were featured in a video named All That by Cymphonique Miller.Dance2

“Reflecting the love that all children have for performing arts activities and the rich and historical musical culture of African American people, the Watoto De’ Afrika (Swahili for “children of Africa”) performing arts program was formed. Watoto is a program that uses performing arts such as blues, jazz, gospel, and Negro spiritual, to introduce students to the historical experiences of our ancestors.” Watoto youth have very unique experiences of singing, dancing and performing their way through history. Several children have experienced great results through the Watoto program. I am a former Watoto performer that was impacted. I learned how to express myself through performance. They also improved my technique and way of thinking. There were always great mentors there to speak to. They have good teachers in each area to help the performers do a wonderful production.

My Thoughts: Dance is a life away from life. When you dance it can be used to clear thoughts, express yourself, or break away from something or someone. Dance is also a physical exercise. If you enjoy dancing you can lose weight without even realizing it. This is a social activity so it can help you with communication skills. It can solve a lot of problems just by releasing stress which can make other things in your life flow better. It’s something that can be rehearsed or just free styled. Dance is in you even if you don’t know it.

For more information on these dance groups: Watoto de Afrika Subroy Studios Out Loud Artistry

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