By Diamond W.

I am Diamond, a sophomore in college. One thing I have learned since entering the college world is that life is all about choices, decisions, and opportunities. Success is not just made it is taken. What I mean by taken is taking the opportunities that are placed before us and making the right choice.


I was faced with a tough decision on how to spend my Spring Break 2k13. I major in engineering so I decided to join an engineering organization. As a group, we go to conventions and conferences. I guess you can see where I’m going with this. The National Convention that I promised myself I would go to because I didn’t go last year fell on Spring Break week. YES! SPRING BREAK WEEK! At the moment that I found out the dates, I was so devastated but once again I had a decision to make. My peers of the engineering organization hyped up the convention, and my other friends hyped up spring break plans (Panama City).


Before going insane, I sat down and wrote a pros and cons list for them both. Of course the first con for the convention was spring break week. But, then I realized the pro for convention was that there will be more spring breaks.  I don’t think Panama City is going anywhere soon. This convention could be the opportunity that I need to build relationships toward an internship. With that thought, I decided to go to the convention which is this week. Do I regret not going to Panama City? No, not at this moment. Hopefully, the convention will be just as rewarding. All the pictures I’m getting from friends make it hard but, I understand that my choices now will affect my next ten years (at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me). Oh yea the conference is in Indianapolis where it is currently SNOWING! Thank goodness for skywalks.


With Amazing Love,
Snow in Indianapolis


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