Glam 101

Glam101By:Erica Cox, Aesthetician/Make Up Artist!


Ok ladies, it’s time for this week’s dos and dont’s in makeup and skincare:


Glam101 Do’s & Dont’s

Do put makeup on a clean & moisturized face!
Do keep your makeup in a clean cosmetic bag!
Do clean your makeup brushes often with a brush cleanser or a light shampoo!
Do blend your eye shadows when wearing more than one color!

Don’t use expired makeup or skincare products!
Don’t wear black liner on your lips with a light lip color!
Don’t put lipstick or gloss on dry cracked lips (exfoliate & moisturize)
Don’t spend a lot of money on name brand makeup if you are a beginner wearing it!


Stay tuned for your next round of Glam101…..

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