Stressing About Finals

by: Candice Elaine Tatum

      It’s that time of the semester again! FINALS! Mostly everyone is going to be stressed, but it is important to take life one day at a time. In order to do our best, we must stay focused and plan our schedule proficiently.At this point in the semester, each and every one of us might have to sacrifice hanging out with friends for studying. It is important that we know how to do this because one decision to choose to hang out with a friend over studying can alter our entire semester’s work. Most final exams count as a large portion of our final grade, and no one wants to retake a course. There are only a few more weeks left in the semester, so start studying during any free time, and plan ahead to study closer to test time. We have worked extremely hard to get to this point in the semester. Don’t give up! Just remember that with the right tools (planning ahead and staying focused), we can do anything we set our minds to!

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