Lil Divas’ Young Sparkle

Girl, Amazing would like to show love and support to Young Sparkle of the group Lil Divas.  Young Sparkle has only been rapping for a year but is taking all necessary steps to perfect her craft, focus on school, and develop into an amazing young lady.  Girl, Amazing caught up with Young Sparkle to find out a little more about her….

Girl, Amazing: Why did you start rapping?

Young Sparkle: I always loved music, I would always dance or sing along to a song. I started making my own remixes to songs, and would rap/sing them with my friends. I finally decided I wanted to record my songs, after I recorded my first song, rapping became a part of me.

Girl, Amazing: What are your future goals?

Young Sparkle: My future goals are to graduate high school and go to college. I also hope to get signed by a record label, and continue my rapping career.

Girl, Amazing: What other activities are you involved in?

Young Sparkle: I also dance. I am currently enrolled at Sherrie’s dance studio, where we did live shows for a week straight.

Girl, Amazing: What do you think makes you an Amazing Girl?

Young Sparkle: I’m an amazing girl because not only do I like rapping and dancing, but also I’m a kind and caring person.


Please join us in showing this young lady some love. @YoungSparkle3

Young Sparkle’s Spending Problem(Remix)