The Pre-teen Years: A Time of Both Fun and Confusion…



Your Pre-teen years can be VERY exciting! You are midway between being a young girl and a full-fledged TEENAGER which could bring a number of new privileges, freedoms, and responsibility.

However, it can also be a time of confusion with the quick changes you begin to experience.

There are:

  • Emotional Changes as your hormones change
  • Body Changes as your body begins to develop
  • Changes in your skin such as acne
  • Noticeable vocal differences
  • Issues with Height (with some young ladies taller than boys of their age)
  • Slower or faster body development than your peers

All of this can be scary, as everyone will experience changes at a different pace. Some may even tease you because of your issue.  KEEP YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH NO MATTER YOUR ISSUE.

Do you have questions about things you may be feeling? Want to talk with others who have similar problems? Comment or drop us a note.


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