YOUTUBE: Use it to Your Advantage

By Sheridan Butler


Technology has become a breeding ground for consumer-generated content. It has broadened, and in some cases created unique jobs that weren’t even thought about 15 years ago. This generation has seen YouTube sensations such as Rebecca Black, and Antoine Dodson gain fame and fortune, while some have even landed record deals—in the case of Justin Bieber. What do all of these claims to fame have in common? Key Word: Viral.  Just in case your plan to become the net YouTube sensation doesn’t work out, here are some ways you can use YouTube to your advantage (all you really need is a camera):


1.Create Something Viral

When something “goes viral” it simply means that it’s become popular in a short amount of time; It’s the goal of most online and social media content. Everyone is talking about it, viewing it or doing it! So whether you create a catchy new dance, like the Psy’s “Gangnam Style” or song like Carly Rae Jespen’s “Call Me Maybe”—you just may be the next to sit on the couch of some talk-show host like Wendy Williams or Ellen DeGeneres.


2. Review Products

There are certain products that we use daily, (whether they be household products, beauty products, hygiene products, movies, or games) and certain products that we’d like to consider using but need to know more about in order to make an informed decision before purchasing. So, take a look at all of the products you have and figure out which ones you like enough to do an honest and full scope review about. More importantly, you could save someone that extra 5 bucks that they were going to waste on an unworthy purchase of product.  Furthermore, your review could end up being seen by the company and in some cases, you may be sent free products to review. What’s better than reviewing products that you love, for free?


3.Showcase Your Skills

We all have talents. An obvious way to get valuable feedback is to document your skills and upload it to YouTube. If you’re a singer, dancer, rapper, actor, comedian, musician you may want to try taking your talents to YouTube. Warning: This is not for those who can’t take criticism—there is no sugarcoating on the Internet (viewers tell it like it is). Some comments may be an eye-opener.


4. Give Advice

As much as people love to talk, there are an equal amount of those who love to listen. Getting advice from an unbiased outside opinion is sometimes better than asking for guidance from a close friend. We as humans are not perfect, and are subject to mistakes. To know that we are not alone in certain situations is comforting .If you have insight on a particular topic, please share your experiences and advice. There’s always someone out there who feels like they are alone, or are in need of an answer—Wouldn’t it be great if you could help someone reevaluate their situation?


5. Create Tutorials


People love to learn about things that interest them, whether it be baking red velvet cake, or how to fishtail braid; Conversely, people also need help understanding subjects like Algebra or how to repair a broken dresser. YouTube is one of the premiere places people will look to get free “help” on things are involved in their everyday lifestyles. So, whip out that recipe, braid-up that hair


Don’t worry about purchasing editing software if you’re a beginner—YouTube already provides simple editing options to make your videos simply professional. YouTube is a fairly easy and fun way to generate buzz and gain exposure! Plus it gives you a sample of the skills it takes to work in the field of consumer-engagement and social media when it comes to finding a real job!


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